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dc.contributor.authorDemirci, M.
dc.contributor.authorBaǧcl, M.
dc.identifier.issn0094243X (ISSN); 9780735416598 (ISBN)
dc.description.abstractMillions of cars are sold around the world and tons of paint are used for these cars. Since the car paint industry is alive in this way, new developments in the paint sector have been taking place every day. It is important to determine how these developments affect paint erosion. Solid particle erosion wear is a subject that keeps its update for car paints and it always needs to be investigated in detail. The target of this experimental study is to investigate solid particle erosion behavior of a commercial acrylic/melamine primer surface and basecoat of automotive paint. As a erodent, silica particles having a weight of 1 to 5 kg were used. Tests were performed at 30°and 90°impact angle and particle velocity 23â€?m s-1. With this work, an idea about the adhesion of the car paint coatings to the material surface was obtained. © 2018 Author(s).
dc.publisherAmerican Institute of Physics Inc.
dc.source3rd International Conference on the Science and Engineering of Materials, ICoSEM 2017
dc.titleInvestigation of automotive primer and basecoat paint surface's adhesion by solid particle erosion
dc.typeConference Paper

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