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dc.contributor.authorÇelik, M.
dc.contributor.authorMercimek, U.
dc.contributor.authorKadioʇlu, S.
dc.identifier.issn03093247 (ISSN)
dc.description.abstractFailure of metallic structures operating under shock loading is a common occurrence in engineering applications. It is difficult to estimate the response of complicated systems analytically, due to structure's dynamic characteristics and varying loadings. Therefore, experimental, numerical, or a combination of both methods is used for evaluations. In this study, test pieces made of two different materials are subjected to shock loads stemming from firing of a Gatling gun. Strain measurements are made, and finite element analysis of the test piece is performed. As a result of this study, strain energy density theory is applied to predict the shock failure of metallic structures. © IMechE 2014.
dc.publisherSAGE Publications Ltd
dc.sourceJournal of Strain Analysis for Engineering Design
dc.titleShock failure analysis of metallic structures by using strain energy density method

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