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dc.contributor.authorÖzbek, E.
dc.contributor.authorAykaç, B.
dc.contributor.authorCan, H.
dc.contributor.authorKalkan, İ.
dc.contributor.authorAykaç, S.
dc.identifier.issn13001884 (ISSN)
dc.description.abstractThere are many studies relating to the strengthening of infill brick walls, which contribute partially to the resistance against the seismic forces, by using different methods and materials to make them behave similarly to a ductile RC walled system. Unlike other research, studies using perforated steel plates have improved behavior on ductility as well as strength. Experimental results show that there is no significant loss of strength even at relative floor drift ratios up to 7.5%. The aim of the present study is to generate calculation and modelling approaches for designers who choose this method which is also easy to apply on-site. Therefore, analytical approaches have been developed in the light of experimental research and the compatibility of these approaches in terms of experimental variables has been discussed. The obtained results indicate that approximate calculation methods can be recommended in terms of strength, stiffness and deformation limits. © 2019 Gazi Universitesi Muhendislik-Mimarlik. All rights reserved.
dc.publisherGazi Universitesi Muhendislik-Mimarlik
dc.sourceJournal of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Gazi University
dc.titleRecommendations for calculation of strengthened brick walls with perforated plates

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