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dc.contributor.authorSakaoǧlu, S.
dc.identifier.issn13003984 (ISSN)
dc.description.abstractEvery anecdote has a very special anecdotal narration style. Some of the anecdotes have a common beginning structure. When we listen to the very beginning part of the anecdotes we may remember the rest of the anecdote we already know. Maybe we have been surprised by the anecdote told with a different literary ending. We have many anecdotes similar among thousands of common jokes in the world. We would like to name this kind of anecdotes as "blocked" or "ordinary structured" anecdotes because of their beginnings. Changelings on the heroes and heroines, their locations and regions, and time of the anecdotes are out of subject in our paper here. They have been considered as sub-divisions of the major anecdotes. Blocked anecdotes of this type can be found everywhere Turks live in. The main reasons for this are migration, excursions, business trips, wars, etc. Sometimes a change in the name of a person creates a new form of it. Scholars working on the issue of anecdotes (Pertev Naili Boratav, Nevzat Gözaydin, Dursun Yildirim, etc.) have not gone into this matter. Significant studies in this area are mostly related to small changes. Their presence, however, is not enough for a new blocked anecdote. Attention of researches is also important; superficial researchers lead to incorrect assessment which is mostly caused by young researchers' insufficient knowledge on anecdotes. In this case resource person also plays a role. That is, they might mislead the researcher while telling a specific anecdote in different ways. Another major problem in this regard is the same resource person's telling the same anecdote in different ways at different times. Therefore, we should make use of reliable manuscripts and resource persons on this issue. We will examine the subject with many examples here.
dc.language.isoEnglish; Turkish
dc.sourceMilli Folklor
dc.titleSome ideas on blocked anecdotes

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