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      Classification of Linked Data Sources Using Semantic Scoring 

      YUMUŞAK, Semih; DOĞDU, Erdoğan; KODAZ, Halife (2018)
      Linked data sets are created using semantic Web technologies and they are usually big and the number of such datasets is growing. The query execution is therefore costly, and knowing the content of data in such datasets ...
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      SpEnD: Linked Data SPARQL Endpoints Discovery Using Search Engines 

      YUMUŞAK, Semih; DOĞDU, Erdoğan; KODAZ, Halife; KAMILARIS, Andreas; VANDENBUSSCHE, Pierre-Yves (2017)
      Linked data endpoints are online query gateways to semantically annotated linked data sources. In order to query these data sources, SPARQL query language is used as a standard. Although a linked data endpoint (i.e. SPARQL ...
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      Tagging accuracy analysis on part-of-speech taggers 

      YUMUŞAK, Semih; DOĞDU, Erdoğan; KODAZ, Halife (2014)
      Part of Speech (POS) Tagging can be applied by several tools and several programming languages. This work focuses on the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) library in the Python environment and the gold standard corpora ...