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      Characterization of the Effect of Melt Treatments on Melt Quality in Al-7wt %Si-Mg Alloys 

      ÇETİN, Remzi; ULUDAĞ, Muhammet; DIŞPINAR, Derya; TİRYAKİOĞLU, Murat (METALS, 2017-04-29)
      The effects of degassing, holding time and melt additions (Sr, Sr + Ti, Ti, B and B + Sr) on the quality of A356 melts were examined. A total of 120 reduced pressure test samples were collected. Pores in these samples were ...
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      Effect of Sr and Ti Addition on the Corrosion Behavior of Al-7Si-0.3Mg Alloy 

      ÇETİN, Remzi; ULUDAĞ, Muhammet; KOÇABAŞ, Mustafa; DIŞPINAR, Derya; CANSEVER, Nurhan (Archives of Foundry Engineering, 2017-02-23)
      In the present study, the corrosion behaviour of A356 (Al-7Si-0.3Mg) alloy in 3.5% NaCl solution has been evaluated using cyclic/potentiodynamic polarization tests. The alloy was provided in the unmodified form and it was ...