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      Defining Future Directions of Strategic Policy Decisions by Evolutionary Game Theory 

      ERYÜRÜK, Şule; KOSHIJIMA, Ichiro (2nd International Conference on Innovations in Engineering and Technology (ICCET’2014), Penang, Malezya, 2014-09)
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      Determining Optimal Routing Solution Of A Patrol Car 

      AKARÇAY, Özlem; YAŞAR, Esra (3rd International Conference on Computational Mathematics and Engineering Science (CMES 2018), 2018-05-07)
      Chinese Postman Problem which is dealt with in the context of the arc routing problem is one of the routing problem in 1962 in order to get the shortest turn by passing at least once on every arc on the chart. It can be ...
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      Research and Development Approaches and İmplementation Issues in Agricultural Machinery Sector; Konya Case 

      ERYÜRÜK, Şule; NESİMİOĞLU, Barış Samim; YILDIZ, Hüseyin Bekir; ALTUN, Hüseyin Oktay; YUMUŞAK, Semih; AÇIKGÖZ, Hulusi; BAĞRIYANIK, Ozan İbrahim Ethem; ÇALIK, Ahmet (3rd Conference on Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship, Istanbul, Türkiye, 2019-06-21)
      In Turkey, agricultural manufacturing plays a big role in industry as a sector and can produce almost all categories of agricultural equipment. When considered agricultural machinery sector, it is ranked as the 5th biggest ...