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    Methylene Blue Removal By Phase Separated Porous Glass 

    ERTUŞ, Emre Burak; AHMETOĞLU, Çekdar Vakıf; ÖZTÜRK, Abdullah (2022-10-08)
    In this study, it was aimed to utilize Porous glass (PG) as an adsorbent in MB removal from wastewater. PG powders were produced by melting and phase separation of an alkali borosilicate glass followed by selective leaching ...
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    Wear and Corrosion Resistances of Oxide Coatings formed on Magnesium Alloys by Micro Arc Oxidation 

    TEKİN, Mustafa; TAŞLIÇAY, Cengizhan; MUHAFFEL, Faiz; ÇİMENOĞLU, Hüseyin (Trans Tech Publications, 2017-12)
    In the present study, wear and corrosion resistances of magnesium alloys are analyzed after coated by micro arc oxidation (MAO) process for protection of gear component, which is the most wearing part of a bicycle. Two ...