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dc.contributor.authorTan, Burak
dc.contributor.authorBabur, Ercan
dc.contributor.authorKoşar, Bilal
dc.contributor.authorVarol, Salih
dc.contributor.authorDursun, Nurcan
dc.contributor.authorSüer, Cem
dc.description.abstractAccording to the free radical theory, a gradual accumulation of the free radicals normally produced in the body underlies the changes associated with aging. Thyroid hormones (THs) are related to oxidative stress not only due to their stimulation of metabolism but also due to their effects on antioxidant mechanisms. Thyroid dysfunction increases with age; thus, changes in TH levels in elderly individuals could be a factor affecting the development of neurodegenerative diseases. However, the relationship is not always clear, based on current evidence regarding synaptic plasticity.
dc.sourceBrain research
dc.titleAge-dependent evaluation of long-term depression responses in hyperthyroid rats: Possible roles of oxidative intracellular redox status.

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