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    On Classification of Semigroup N by Green’s Theorem 

    URLU ÖZALAN, Nurten; WAZZAN, Suha (2022)
    In previous papers, it has been recently defined a new class of semigroups based on both Rees matrix and completely 0-simple semigroups. For this new structure, it has been introduced with certain basic properties and ...
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    Some Indices over a New Algebraic Graph 

    URLU ÖZALAN, Nurten (2021)
    In this paper, we first introduce a new graph over an extension of semigroups and after that we study and characterize the spectral properties such as the diameter, girth, maximum and minimum degrees, domination number, ...
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    Matematik Öğretmen Adaylarının Lineer Kongrüanslara İlişkin Soyutlamayı İndirgeme Eğilimleri 

    ŞENAY, Şaban Can; ÖZDEMİR, Ahmet Şükrü (Eğitim ve İnsani Bilimler Dergisi: Teori ve Uygulama, 2014-12-24)
    Öz: Matematik öğretmen adaylarının lisans eğitimi süresince alan bilgilerinin şekillenmesinde önemli rolü olan derslerden birisi de Sayılar Teorisi dersidir. Bu çalışmada, matematik öğretmen adaylarının, Sayılar Teorisi ...
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    Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease Using Deep Belief Networks 

    ALLAHVERDİ, Novruz; KUTLU, Yakup; ALTAN, Gökhan (2016-05)
    In this study, a decision-support system is presented to aid cardiologists during the diagnosis and to create a base for a new diagnosis system which separates two classes (CAD and no-CAD patients) using an electrocardiogram ...
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    Image Quality Assessment Metrics Combining Structural Similarity and Image Fidelity with Visual Attention 

    MENDİ, Engin (2015)
    Image quality assessment has a great importance in several image processing applications. Recently, various objective image quality metrics have been proposed in order to predict human visual perception. In this paper, ...
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    A Study of Sound Transmission Loss for Building Materials Using Simulative and Experimental Approaches 

    MENDİ, Engin (Gazi Universitesi Muhendislik-Mimarlik, 2016)
    The sound insulation models that we use in this study are based on theoretical computations and their aim is to reduce time, labor and cost consumption during the calculation of “Sound Transmission Loss (R)” of a particular ...
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    A Multistage Deep Learning Algorithm for Detecting Arrhythmia 

    ALLAHVERDİ, Novruz; KUTLU, Yakup; ALTAN, Gökhan (IEEE, 2017-01)
    Deep Belief Networks (DBN) is a deep learning algorithm that has both greedy layer-wise unsupervised and supervised training. Arrhythmia is a cardiac irregularity caused by a problem of the heart. In this study, a ...
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    Effective 3D Surface Modeling for Geographic Information Systems 

    MENDİ, Engin; ALPARSLAN, Mesut; YÜKSEK, Kemal (Copernicus Gesellschaft Mbh, 2016)
    Abstract. In this work, we propose a dynamic, flexible and interactive urban digital terrain platform with spatial data and query processing capabilities of geographic information systems, multimedia database functionality ...
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    Detection of the Electronic Attributes of the Nanostructured Materials with Fuzzy Logic 

    ALLAHVERDİ, Novruz; GENCER, Muhammet Çağrı; VARDAR, Necati (2018-04)
    This is a study, in which a trial was done to estimate the energy band gap (Eg) of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) by using a fuzzy logic algorithm that uses five inputs (strain value, fermi energy level, average ...
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    Fuzzy Logic Control System with Helicopter Takeoff and Landing 

    ALLAHVERDİ, Novruz; HACIMURTAZAOĞLU, Murat (2016-11)
    In this study, fuzzy expert system is designed for the provision of helicopter takeoffs and landings by fuzzy logic. For this purpose, a model helicopter and the test platform have been created that helicopter movements ...
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    The Function Analysis and its Application to Determination of Fuzzy Subsets for Model Helicopter Fuzzy Control 

    ALLAHVERDİ, Novruz; HACIMURTAZAOĞLU, Murat (2017-05)
    In this study, an analysis of the function that determines the sub-clusters of the fuzzy controller for model helicopter control is performed. For this purpose, a model helicopter and a test platform were established ...
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    Tagging accuracy analysis on part-of-speech taggers 

    YUMUŞAK, Semih; DOĞDU, Erdoğan; KODAZ, Halife (2014)
    Part of Speech (POS) Tagging can be applied by several tools and several programming languages. This work focuses on the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) library in the Python environment and the gold standard corpora ...
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    SpEnD: Linked Data SPARQL Endpoints Discovery Using Search Engines 

    YUMUŞAK, Semih; DOĞDU, Erdoğan; KODAZ, Halife; KAMILARIS, Andreas; VANDENBUSSCHE, Pierre-Yves (2017)
    Linked data endpoints are online query gateways to semantically annotated linked data sources. In order to query these data sources, SPARQL query language is used as a standard. Although a linked data endpoint (i.e. SPARQL ...
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    Classification of Linked Data Sources Using Semantic Scoring 

    YUMUŞAK, Semih; DOĞDU, Erdoğan; KODAZ, Halife (2018)
    Linked data sets are created using semantic Web technologies and they are usually big and the number of such datasets is growing. The query execution is therefore costly, and knowing the content of data in such datasets ...
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    Fuzzy Position Control Approach for Autonomous Robot Controller 

    ALLAHVERDİ, Novruz; ÇETİNKAYA, Ali; SARAY, Tuğba; AFAGHANI, Ahmad Yasser (2017-05)
    In this study, the application of position control on a fixed track by an autonomous robot fuzzy controller approach is realized. For this purpose, a system is designed in which the real time data exchange can be done both ...
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    An Artificial Neural Network Study for Predicting Sex in Bulls 

    ALLAHVERDİ, Novruz; SADAY, Fatih (2018-04)
    In this study, the research and analyzes were carried out on sex determination of bull sperm cells using an artificial neural network. Gender identification is important in animal breeding, focusing on the desired outcome ...
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    Deep Learning for COPD Analysis Using Lung Sounds 

    ALLAHVERDİ, Novruz; ALTAN, Gökhan; KUTLU, Yakup (2018-07)
    Deep Learning(DL) algotithms have become popular with the detailed analyzing capabilities with many hidden layers in recent years. The size of hidden layer in the classifier models is complately correlated with the analyzing ...
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    Fuzzy Expert System to Determinate of Risk Diabetes Disease of Type 2 

    ERTOSUN, Nesrin; ALLAHVERDİ, Novruz (2018-07)
    Diabetes is a disease caused by insucfficent production of insulin by the organ called pancreas. If the insulin secretion in the patient is absent or too small, then it is called diabetes type 1; if the amount of insulin ...
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    A Multistage Deep Belief Networks Application on Arrhythmia Classification 

    ALLAHVERDİ, Novruz; ALTAN, Gökhan; KUTLU, Yakup (2016-09-03)
    An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a biomedical signal type that determines the normality and abnormality of heart beats using the electrical activity of the heart and has a great importance for cardiac disorders. The computer-aided ...
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    Deep Belief Networks Based Brain Activity Classification Using EEG from Slow Cortical Potentials in Stroke 

    ALLAHVERDİ, Novruz; ALTAN, Gökhan; KUTLU, Yakup (2016-09-03)
    An electroencephalogram (EEG) is an electrical activity which is recorded from the scalp over the sensorimotor cortex during vigilance or sleeping conditions of subjects. It can be used to detect potential problems ...

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