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dc.description.abstractThe main purpose of this study is to identify the predictive power of the following variables for physical and relational aggression level of children: cartoon preferences of children, parental attitudes and teacher–student relationship. Study group consisted of 300 preschool children their mothers and 18 preschool teachers. The results showed a negative correlation between relational aggression and children’s cartoon preferences and teacher–student relationship. There was a positive correlation between physical aggression and authoritarian attitude and a negative correlation between children’s cartoon preferences and their democratic attitudes. Regression analysis showed that 28% of children’s relationally and 18% of their physically aggressive behaviours were predicted by the variables examined in the study. Stepwise regression analysis indicated children’s cartoon preferences predicted 15% of physically and 25% of relationally aggressive behaviours. Mother’s democratic attitude was found to be the second powerful variable (3%) and then came the teacher–student relationship (1%).en_US
dc.publisherEarly Child Development and Careen_US
dc.titleAggressive behaviours of 48- to 66-month-old children: predictive power of teacher–student relationship, cartoon preferences and mother’s attitudeen_US

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